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the things you learn at ND...

so, I'm up pulling an all-nighter to finish (coughstartcough) the philosophy paper that's due tomorrow, I mean today (don't you *dare* tell mom! you know who you are. yes, you. stop looking so innocent) and so of course instead of writing I'm wandering around on livejournal, and come across this community. And at 5:30 in the morning, having the Tower of Strength pop up on my screen, and being told "welcome to the Catholic Cult Community" are way more hilarious than they ought to be. No, I didn't wake up my roommate, but I did sit here and snigger for a bit. aaaaaanyway, where did I learn these wonderful staying-up-all-night habits? why, that would be junior year at ND, now wouldn't it? So it amused me that I ended up here. but half the posts are about how no one ever posts. now that's just boring! you're supposed to be keeping me up to date about all the crazy stuff going on back there! or at least now that I have swept in majestically/tripped over my own feet/arrived here somehow, you're supposed to keep me up to date.

*loses momentum and stands/sits here blinking at you all*

hopefully somebody is moderately amused by my random inane babbling... I really ought to get back to writing something useful... feel free to harass some teachers for me, just don't be too mean to them...

*wanders off*
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