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Hey guys, My name Joseph and I recently received the Full Criterion Collection as a wedding gift on DVD as well as some others titles...if you are interested in purchasing any of the following:

C = Criterion
SE = Special Edition

1.The Bicycle Thief
2.8 1/2 (Reg. Edition)
3.Diabolique (Les Diaboliques, The Devils) C
4.Branded to Kill C
5.Insomnia C
6.The Passion of Joan of Arc C
7.M (2 disc set) C
8.The Third Man C
9.The Testament of Dr.Mabuse (2 disc) C
10.Chasing Amy C
11.The Phantom of Liberty C
12.The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (2 disc) C
13.The Obscure Object of Desire (2 disc) C
14.Diary of a Chambermaid C
15.Wild strawberries C
16.Smiles of a Summer night C
17.Contempt (2 disc) C
18.Night and Fog C
19.Kinfe in the Water (2 disc) C
20.La Strada (2 disc) C
21.Divorce: Italian Style (2 disc) C
22.A Woman is a Woman C
23.The Life Aquatic (SE Collectors box set) C

All of which are *SEALED DVDs* No Bullshit, so dont bring me any.

You can reach me here or on AIM: xTheThirdManx
or Email me if you're serious and over 18 @ xToyEateRx@Yahoo.com
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